Why Are Americans Still Ready to Pay for Cable TV?

This is quite a valid question. Nothing in life comes for free. You have to pay a price for everything that you use or consume. The same is the case with cable TV. Top-quality entertainment has a price tag and you have to pay for it to enjoy it. Just like you pay tickets to watch movies in theaters, you have to pay for home entertainment too.


According to recent surveys, young Americans are more inclined towards online streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Since these services are pocket-friendly, people are more into cutting the cord and joining the online media. However, many of them miss out on the bigger picture. When they pay for online streaming, they only get online content to enjoy.


Bundles Become the Game Changers

On the other hand, cable TV services upped their game and started dealing in bundles, which were designed to offer more value at a meager price. Companies like Spectrum and AT&T offer their customers internet, TV, and phone services as bundles in a single deal at a discounted price. For example, these companies offer double and triple play deals that cover all the basic services along with a nice list of channels.


If you want to buy all the three services mentioned above separately, you might end up paying a lot bigger amount. This is the kind of difference that these bundles bring to the table. They make you pay far less amount and yet enjoy all the three services. The things that you get in a bundle can cost you the same price that you pay to have internet service at your home.


Online Streaming, Not that Pocket-Friendly

When you opt for online streaming, you end up paying a lot more than you actually pay for a bundle of services. This is where you can save big on your monthly entertainment bill. Another reason why people want to stick to cable TV and bundles is their long-time habit. It has been ages since cable TV companies are offering these services across the United States. It becomes hard at times for the new entrants to make people switch to a new service or a new phenomenon.


Young Americans Prefer Online Streaming

However, the demographics of the US TV entertainment are making a huge shift. The millennials have changed the whole scenario drastically. They are more into watching TV without buying a cord. This new lifestyle has given a new ray of life to online streaming business. They don’t deem their monthly cable TV bills to add value. The shift has allowed online streaming businesses like Netflix, Hulu, and Sling to make their presence felt.


On average, most consumers are happy to get their entertainment needs fulfilled by subscribing to two or three online streaming services. And the best part is that they get these services at a lower price when compared with cable TV service. However, this trend is true with the young generation but there is a vast majority of the American population that still believes cable TV is their gateway to the world of home entertainment. According to a survey, men are more likely to stick to cable TV for watching their favorite live sports, i.e. NBA, MLS, NHL, NFL, etc. On the contrary, women are more interested in getting options of TV shows. The truth of the matter is that online streaming services are yet to replace cable TV in the live sports column, mainly because of the fact that the broadcast TV has long-term agreements with the sports leagues. We might see online streaming services getting a share of the pie in the coming years as sports leagues like NFL, MLB, and NBA must be keeping an eye on the shift in people’s choices.


The Final Word

As per the CNBC report, around 66% of the American population still believes that cable or satellite TV services are the way to go. Eventually, it is not about the money for the Americans but the value these services offer to them. People, who are more traditional in approach, are not yet ready to switch to online streaming. They are happy to pay those monthly bills and enjoy their favorite shows via cord. Moreover, they also believe that online streaming lacks picture and audio quality, which isn’t the case with cable TV. These are some of the reasons why Americans are still ready to pay for cable TV.


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